All About Cocktail Party Planning

The first step in planning a cocktail party is to make your guest list. You do not want to target one type of personality. Variety is the spice of life. Include an interesting guest, cheerful, outgoing and friendly.

If you are hosting a business cocktail party, do not be afraid to exclude friends. If your business is aerospace engineering, your neighbors may not have much in common with the other guests.

So carefully choose the right guests for the right kind of party. If you want to know more about Cocktail parties, visitรับจัดค็อกเทล-cocktail-food.

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Once your guest list is created, you need to make a budget and checklist. Be sure to consider everything when creating a budget. You will need to allow for: food; invitation; cocktails; bar supplies; Ice; Glass beverage cups; decor; bartender; catering. A bartender and caterer are optional, of course.

Another part of the planning involves a long party. Most experts agree that a cocktail party should last about two hours. If they run longer than that, it often leads to some people partake of alcohol more than they need and be rowdy.

The suspect is beer, wine, vodka, and whiskey. You may want to add the tequila, gin, and rum. If you know the tastes of your guests in advance, this will greatly help you in determining what and how much to get. Mixer you supply will be based on the type of beverage you plan to bid.

Depending on your budget, you may want to hire an experienced bartender. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to review your list. You will need time to get dressed for the party.