Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers Keep Your Hands Germ Free

Surprisingly, our hands can absorb more than 10 million microorganisms every day. Killing most of them with the help of hand sanitizer can prevent ailments. Many surgeons perform operations without washing their hands, so the death rate from infection is very high at that time.

The main infectious disease is passed from one person to another without realizing it. Therefore, all medical and food workers are required by law to wash their hands with soap and water before work and after visiting the bathroom.

Your traditional hand sanitizer usually contains alcohol, which kills germs and even good bacteria. It contains at least 65% alcohol, which kills almost 99.9% of all types of viruses and bacteria. However, some facts show that killing 99.9% of microbes is not significantly healthy. This is because not all microbes are harmful to the human body.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers Keep Your Hands Germ Free

Resistant plants are the good bacteria in our intestines and skin that control and protect us from bad bacteria. Also, alcohol-based disinfectants make your skin dry and easily penetrated by microbes and bacteria, making your skin more susceptible to infection.

Still, it's ideal to protect your child with The Germinator's foaming hand sanitizer. This is an organic foaming hand sanitizer from Babyganics. Prevent the risk of poisoning, especially if the child covers his mouth with his hands. This is because foamed hand sanitizers dry faster than alcohol-based hand sanitizers.