Difference Between Commercial And Residential Roofing

One of the most important points of difference between commercial and residential roofing is that though they are ultimately meant to serve the same purpose at the end of the day, they are still meant to serve on different kinds of roofs. In other words, the design structures of the roofs they are expected to be constructed upon vary greatly.

It may be surprising to know that there is more to the difference in the design pattern of the roofs of such buildings than what meets the eyes. The two different roofing categories are meant to facilitate the specific requirements of these building designs. You can also look for professional metal roofing in Chatham.

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Apart from the roof structure design, the size of the roofing also plays a very important role. In most of the cases it is seen that while residential roofing requires only a single or two workers on the job, commercial roofing requires an entire crew to be working together.

Another very important difference between commercial and residential roofing is that residential buildings usually tend to have less number of protrusions as compared to commercial buildings. 

For instance, while most residential houses would be expected to have one protrusion for a single chimney, commercial buildings have to consider projections and lips for everything, starting from ventilation systems, smokestacks, pipes, roof entrances, mechanical wirings, skylights, etc.

Besides, often the construction agent might need to take into account serious specifications while selecting the roofing materials for commercial buildings whereas, in the case of residential houses, the only important specifications are personal choices about appearance, durability, and maintenance.

The small roof builders tend to consider commercial roofing as a more difficult job. Since it is not rare for commercial roofing contracts to come with a large number of specifications, small builders might even hesitate to take up the job.