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Cartoline Storiche

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Congratulations for the wonderful site, as interesting as it is beautiful. Best wishes from Koper

La spezia
I visited this site in search of news on the ships that connected Ancona to Fiume in 1938. It was on that date that I visited the city (I was 4 years old) and I still remember something … a restaurant called “L ‘ platypus”. Congratulations for the splendid collection that lights up the memory of an Italy that no longer exists. Pine tree

Milanese hangman traveler
I discovered this site thanks to the recommendation of my friend Bonaiti. Congratulations! The memory of his own history, as suggested by Montanelli, is the foundation of the future. The wound of our former Istria and Dalmatia is still too recent to be healed. Forgotten, never. Therefore I was disappointed that during the festivities for the unification of Italy no one felt the urgency of at least one evocation, a thought for those whose homeland, like the Jews in Verdi’s Nabucco, has irretrievably lost it . I was born in Spain, son, nephew and great-grandson of Friulian emigrants and, having studied medicine in Trieste, I care about this painful story for everyone. I embrace you fraternally, proud of Italianness, but mindful and proud of belonging to the Little Patria, Friuli. Andrea Merli

Trieste.Story of GL
Commendable work, but what I want to emphasize is the absolute impartiality in the historical notes (except perhaps some “patriot” too much, a matter of points of view), I allow myself to insert a link between the sources documentable on-line on my site, there were more people like her who treated the history of these lands, above the parts! a very cordial greeting

Stupendous and moving collection. I am from Romagna and have lived in Trieste for many years with my family. Since I was a child in Romagna at elementary school I was surprised to see some comrades with different profiles, some blond, others very taciturn. My city of origin (ravenna) housed several thousand refugees impoverished by the exodus, alone even though, at least in romagna, they were enough (but with time). Among them are some of my dearest childhood and youth friends. From them I listened, fascinated, to the stories of their beautiful abandoned places. In Trieste I went, through work events but also with the spirit of finding these people again. I dedicate these lines to them.

vivid compliments from a zaratina now become Genoese! We collect postcards from Genoa, especially the Nervi / Quinto area, but we are not able (for now) to make such a beautiful site! Very good !


Dear Luigi, I appreciated your interventions in, and the appreciation has increased since I saw your collection of postcards. Hello. Macia

Enrico Bonaiti
that wonderful images. I would also like to add two words to those who have … to repeat. History is history and in Dalmatia Italians lived. The lady from Split who finds the preparatory site for revanchist requests could, she should know that in Sibenik there was a beautiful monument dedicated to one of her most illustrious sons, a certain Nicolò Tommaseo (of Croatian mother) … the monument was made in pieces and thrown at the bottom of the sea. The fascist occupation of Dalmatia was a disaster but Tudjman nationalism is no less! Enrico

GIOIA TAURO Luigi, with great pleasure I visited your site and I congratulate you for the historical research work in your area and for the splendid collection of postcards I live in Gioia Tauro, a charming town in the province of Reggio Cal. , I am also a lover of old postcards and for about a year I have put my material online. If you like to visit us, the site is: I note with pleasure that your work is also very successful because the memories aroused wonderful sensations in the visitors. And then I like to remember that the history of a small village is the history of the whole humanity and leaving a trace for the future is the best contribution to the affirmation of an identity linked to belonging. Yours truly . Francesco Anastasio

Congratulations, my grandfather born in Poreč grew up in Zara, my grandmother was from Split, both refugees. There are so many maps of these places in the archives. The truth does not die, a fair balance in the analysis of the facts arises from the historical proofs that have often been destroyed. I’m still sorry about all this hatred, it’s not enough to have won, we also want to wash our conscience, which is impossible. One cannot prevent those who have lost their land from loving their land forever. Love is stronger than hate.

monte grappa

Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
HI, dear and respected collertor in old postcards! Greetings from Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. You have a nice collection of CPA, MAYBE YOU WOULD LIKE to IMPROVE – like and me. (…) Sincerely, Best Regards, Kruno Leko. —– NOTE FROM THE SITE CURATOR: In brackets there are suspension points instead of a request to buy / sell postcards from our friend from Zagreb.

But the last geographic master, Croatia, always headed by dictators, like Tudjman and Sanader, dusted all the goods and made us go back to a primordial era … An anecdote, which happened to me ten years ago ago … I worked at the shipyards of Viktor Lenac, we would say, in addition to the bridge .. A Dalmatian from Slivnica, near Zara, excited by the nationalist politics issued by Tudjman, told me that if they were not Dalmatian partisans of the IV Dalmatian brigade, who have the 3rd May 1945, defeated the last German troops around Rijeka, still today we would have been in Italy …. but look …. it hurt me … this statement …. hehe … They, with the communist doctrine, intended to take possession of Triseste too. People who have studied a little know the truth … Pure River, only two days later, he has never been part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes … so … the border has always been on the Eneo..thanks … SITE CURATOR NOTE: I am reporting the message exactly as it was sent to me, also because of its curiosity and its origin (Fiume). I thank those who sent it to me, even though I remember that this is simply a postcard site and not a historical / political forum. I hope there are no more tensions or misunderstandings between Italians, Croats and Slovenes. although I remember that this is simply a postcard site and not a historical / political forum. I hope there are no more tensions or misunderstandings between Italians, Croats and Slovenes. although I remember that this is simply a postcard site and not a historical / political forum. I hope there are no more tensions or misunderstandings between Italians, Croats and Slovenes.