How Does An External Audit Work?

An external audit is a review of your organization's financial statements by an independent third party. External audits help ensure that your organization is accurately reporting its financial results and complying with applicable laws and regulations. External audits can also help protect your organization from fraud and other financial irregularities.

Why use an External Audit?

External audits can help improve your organization's financial transparency and accountability. External Audit can also help identify any issues with your accounting or financial systems, and help fix them. External audits can also help you avoid potential legal problems.

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Who performs external audits?

External audits are typically performed by accounting firms or auditing firms, but they can also be performed by independent consulting companies.

What are the benefits of using an external audit?

The benefits of using an external audit include: 

– improved financial transparency and accountability

– identification of any issues with your accounting or financial systems

– prevention of potential legal problems

External audits are conducted by independent auditors to evaluate the financial statements and compliance with applicable regulations of a company. External audits help to improve public trust in business and can provide valuable insights for improving company performance.

External auditors generally work with a client company for a fixed period of time, typically six to twelve months. The scope of an external audit covers various areas, including financial reporting, internal control over financial reporting, and compliance with statutory obligations.

Auditors will typically obtain access to all relevant systems and data within the company and interview key individuals. They will also perform on-site inspections where necessary. The results of an external audit can be used to improve the management of the company and inform future decisions.


An external audit is a procedure that an organization may choose to undergo in order to assess the effectiveness of its governance and risk management processes. By doing an external audit, an organization can ensure that it is operating under sound business principles, as well as complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

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