How To Protect Your Marijuana Business With A Solid Security Plan

Marijuana business owners should go over compliance and security rules and regulations for their state. Based on the country in which they operate, they should expertise that delivers their state and local laws as well as federal laws.

They know what applies to their marijuana business. security regulations differ from one country to another so that they can also be very basic or very comprehensive. For example, safety regulations in Michigan a little comprehensive and they need a camera to include a minimum resolution camera, the right position, keep the number of frames per second, and footage save for at least 90 days, among others.

Outlines the steps to find out how people get in and out of the pharmacy. They must have access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel will check-in and check-out at any time. However, prior to this, the system must document all processes such as background checks, a new employee at the hostel, and access management.

Give emphasis to the camera positioning, lighting, fencing, landscaping, parking lot as well as the properties surrounding the dispensary's physical location.

They must ensure that all on-site secured features including additional locks on storage space, intrusion alarm (which is activated when no one is there), video surveillance exact also remote monitoring, armored transportation, and cash products.