How To Style Hair With Micro-Ring Extensions

Micro-ring hair extensions, however nicely they're attached nor fine the quality of the hair which you have selected, still, need appropriate care so as to endure for four weeks and beyond.

Styling is not too hard. Just ensure you don't comb too deeply to the rings. Please be aware that all kinds of extensions need a particular style of cleaning. Utilize a wide-toothed comb of the suggestions and slowly make your way to your scalp. Avoid hitting on the micro rings whilst still combing. you can also buy micro ring extensions via

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Would you perm your hair when sporting micro-ring hair extensions? Absolutely! Select your preferred option –an alkaline-based alternative for tight curls or an acid-balanced alternative for softer curls.

Shield your micro-ring hair extensions out of powerful perming compounds by applying a lotion conditioner. Wear latex gloves to protect your hands too. Follow the directions which come with the merchandise to use the solution with security and appropriate coverage.

Gently wrap your hair around the curling iron without even pulling it overly much. Use warm water to efficiently exfoliate the powerful perming compounds, and use a moisturizer to moisturize the micro-ring hair extensions.

Micro-ring extensions are the proper option if you'd like a fuller, longer appearance that will endure for many months. With appropriate maintenance, you can prolong the life span of your extensions. Best of luck with your new appearance.