Know About New Solar Battery Technology

In 2017, Solar Power is in a constant state of innovation with advances in new technology of solar panels that are now being announced almost every week. In the past year, the existing milestones achieved by

Solar energy like solar energy storage, solar design technology, and tools-based solar technology more wearable and the list goes on.

The main are two types of solar technologies such as photovoltaic (PV) and the other is the CSP abbreviate as concentrated solar power.

The sun is captured by Solar PV technology to generate electricity and heat utilizing solar CSP and used to generate thermal energy used for heating and power turbines. To get more information about new solar battery technology visit

Here is a list of some new solar battery technologies:

Solar design Skin: There are many companies who have designed a big step forward with the concept of aesthetic improvement that allows the solar panels to get a customized view. A new product as solar skin has been created that allows for the equivalent of a roof without disturbing the appearance of the panel or the manufacturing effectiveness as well.

Solar Powered Street: A test for solar-powered pavement has been done in American highway. The streets will have the skills to produce clean energy that also includes Light Emitting Diode lights that light at night and also has heat energy that can melt snow during the winter.

Fuel Solar Thermal: STF connect sunlight energy you can store is filled and then release it when prompted. Sun Purifier by This year Stanford research universities have collaborated with the Department of Energy DOE to work together to develop a solar energy device that can purify water at this time in the open sun.

For people who consider solar cell system as happy as or with efficiency upgrades, equipment capabilities, improved storage for all contribute to more effective power output for solar panels and a lower cost to the system as well.