Performance Engineering And Its Impact on Business

As more and more companies use digital platforms to trade their products, customer choice is increasing day by day. In this context, the online visibility of a company becomes important because customers can access the products or services that the company offers in a virtual window.

No matter how easy an enterprise digital user interface is to use, any application performance or performance issue can have unintended consequences for a company, from loss of revenue to loss of trust and brand.

To deal with such dire possibilities, performance engineering must become part of the design and architecture of digital interfaces. Performing engineering services  can test and ensure the performance and responsiveness of an application or website to increased user traffic "loads".

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Companies with digital platforms face a number of challenges that could expose them to risk or, in the worst case, put them out of business. One of the challenges is sudden spikes in customer traffic, which can put enormous stress on the system. These sudden spikes in system load can make them run very slowly or cause downtime.

Such unpredictable system behavior can kill customers, result in reduced or no sales, and prevent them from visiting the website or using the app in the future. This can have a toxic effect on a company's brand image and reliability.