Secure the Best Payment Gateway

The number of e-commerce businesses is increasing, driven by the fact that more of us now choose to shop that way. It also means that the number of companies providing payment services to merchants is also increasing.

Having a range of options in this area can be great, but it can also be more difficult to decide which one would be best suited for your business.

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Secure the Best Payment Gateway

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Here are some things to consider before making your decision:-

1. Integration – Before you look at any other aspects, you first need to know if a given entrance can actually be integrated with your shopping cart. Chances are it could happen, but there are exceptions, so be sure to check it first before looking at other aspects.

2. Charges – This is important for all businesses, especially start-ups. Find out what the setup fee is and remember to ask for a per-transaction fee as well as any monthly service charge. It is good to know in advance how many transactions you are doing, as it can help you choose the most appropriate tariff.

3. Security – It is important that you only work with a payment service provider (PSP) that is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This means that their servers and networks are secure and can safely process large numbers of transactions.

4. Reports – Each payment gateway will come with some type of reporting tool, which will allow you to view transactions done through your website. The quality of those tools and the reports they produce vary from one provider to another, making it one more thing that you should compare when doing your research.

5. Support – Even the best-paid gateway needs an excellent support team to create a complete package. Find out which providers will give your ongoing support and how much it will cost you.

It can be really difficult to find a payment gateway that meets all the needs of your business, but by following the above points you should make the search easy.