Special Fiber Optic Microscope

The standard microscope used in millions of school supplies, medical and research laboratories worldwide. It is also used by elementary school children and Ph.D. researchers alike.

There is another type of microscope with which most of us are not accustomed to, simply because it is found only in the fiber optics industry.

A fiber optic microscope is as specialized as the field where it is used, and can only be used successfully by people who have been trained to do so.

‘Fiber optical microscope’ (also known as ‘กล้องจุลทรรศน์ไฟเบอร์ออปติก’ in the Thai language) capable of achieving between one hundred and four hundred degrees of magnification, and the magnification level will depend on the needs of the user. 

Nikon Microscope E-100, E- 100, Rs 80000 /unit, JJM Instruments ...

Fiber optical microscopes, because of their specific nature, are not available from the same sources that provide regular or digital microscopes, and are usually purchased by companies rather than individuals.

Kinds of Fiber Optic Microscope

Fiber optical microscopes come in several varieties; The simplest of them have eyepieces similar to that in a compound microscope where their users are visible.

A more sophisticated model of fiber optical microscopy has its own video screen; This is the technology of choice for those using fiber optic microscope regularly.

A fiber optic microscope used to provide images of the end faces of optical fiber connector ferrules, so any problems with their transmission performance can be seen. 

Features Of Fiber Optic Microscopes

Microscope with a cable holder will cost more than those without them, but the time you’ll save checking the cables will more than make up for the cost difference.

There are both optical and electron microscopes optical fiber; and some of the more expensive models will display a picture of the monitor cable to spare you from having to look through the eyepiece. They are capable of magnifying a three millimeter cable to tennis ball dimensions.