Stomach Cancer Is More Closely Linked To Stomach Ulcers Than You Think!

Interestingly, the reason, indications, and symptoms of gastric cancer are nearly similar to an ulcer. Moreover, it is essential to pen down that you are more likely to have a peptic ulcer if you show any of the mentions below symptoms, so do not worry too much! 

Of course, if your ulcer is already at an advanced stage, then you need to follow Stomach Cancer Lawsuits if you are at risk and what to do about it. Eradicating H pylori bacteria is a good way to avoid stomach cancer.

Do bacteria cause stomach cancer?

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Stomach cancer can be caused by a number of factors such as damaging DNA in the cells of your stomach. When DNA is defaced, healthy cells are then able to develop without having any control and produce tumors such as a huge number of malignant cells. These factors contain:

H Pylori infection:

75% of the total world populace is infected with a bacterial infection called Helicobacter pylori that lives deep in the mucous layer that coats the lining of your stomach. It is a major cause of heartburn, accounting for at least 80 percent of all cases. Also, the WHO have shown in their study that every year almost 50% of new cases of stomach cancer are linked with H pylori infection.

Nitrate And Nitrite:

These chemicals are added to certain foods, such as processed or cured meats such as ham and bacon, sausages, and other cold meats that you usually find down at the deli. Nitrates and nitrites mixed with several other components present in the abdominal to produce carcinogens that are responsible to become the reason for stomach cancer.

Salted, Smoked, or Pickled Foods:

There are several nations where the intake of salted meat and fish along with the pickled vegetable rate is very high and the appropriate level of abdominal cancer is also at a peak.