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Accounting Software

Know Some Rules of Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting services might only be provided by a person entitled to do accounting and bookkeeping services and that is recorded in the register held by the Ministry for National Economy.

Maintaining accounting records

Businesses are reluctant to maintain the accounts for the financial year, in addition to the encouraging inventory, evaluation, ledger infusion, journal ledger or other documents in legible form for 8 or more years with the help of top legal accounting services .

The announcement of accounts which affirms the balances directly and must be retained for a minimum of 8 years in legible type and in such a way it may be recovered using the accounting document's mention. Accounting records should be kept securely in the organization's headquarters/premises, or in another place reported on the taxation authority.

Records not initially prepared in digital format may also be saved in digital format, whereas files initially prepared in digital format has to be saved in digital format.


To be able to close the account for the financial year, prepare the accounts and encourage the things in the balance sheet, a list has to be accumulated that comprises, in an itemized, guaranteed manner, the resources and funds that the business has about the balance sheet .