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AWS services

What is AWS Direct Connect?

AWS Direct Connect connects your internal network to the AWS Direct Connect site using a standard optical Ethernet cable. One end of the cable connects to your router and the other end connects to your AWS Direct Connect router. With this connection, you can create virtual interfaces directly to public AWS services or Amazon VPCs, bypassing ISPs in your network path. For more information about AWS connect, you can visit this website –

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AWS Direct Connect locations provide access to AWS in the region to which it is connected. You can use public Region or AWS GovCloud (US) connections to access public AWS services in all other public Regions.

The following diagram shows how AWS Direct Connect interacts with your network.

AWS Direct Connect Components

Here are the main components you use for AWS Direct Connect:

Connection: Set up an AWS Direct Connect site connection to establish a network connection from your site to the AWS Region. For more information, see the AWS Direct Connect link.

Virtual interface: Create virtual interfaces to provide access to AWS services. Public virtual interfaces provide access to public services such as Amazon S3. A private virtual interface provides access to your VPC. For more information, see AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interface and Virtual Interface Requirements.

Network requirements: To use AWS Direct Connect in an AWS Direct Connect location, your network must meet one of the following conditions: You work with an AWS Direct Connect partner who is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN). For more information, see APN Partners Supporting AWS Direct Connect.