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Has Chandigarh Changed In The Last Decade?

Chandigarh has become overcrowded in the last decade or so. The city was made for 1 million people, but there are more than 2 million people living in the city if we take the outskirts of the city into consideration. People from all over India have come and settled down in the city, making this city a part of the metropolitan cities.

But, those who are native to this city find it very hard to find areas where they could go and hang out in the lap of nature. There are a few places such as Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, Leisure Valley, and Sector 17 that have maintained their integrity. If you have ever been to sector 17 in the past, then you would find that the place doesn’t look that different even now. You will find new shops, some new construction here and there, but the soul of the sector remains the same.

If you are a food lover, then you will find many new options in sector 17. There is an organic restaurant by the name of Back To Source, which has been serving top-quality food to its guests. This is one of the best family restaurants in Chandigarh that is known for its rich and delicious food, which it offers at a very nominal price. You should definitely check out this restaurant for scrumptious delights.