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Breast Enlargement

What Are The Different Options for Breast Enlargement?

Breast enlargement refers to a cosmetic surgery technique that allows a person to increase the size and shape of their breast tissue by inserting implants. A breast implant is a small sac filled with silicone or saline and surgically placed under the breast tissue. 

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Breast Augmentation: 10 Essential Things You Need to Do (or Buy) Before Your Procedure - Ali Sajjadian, MD

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It can be used to increase breast size. Plastic surgeons can also reshape breast tissue to give patients the appearance they desire.

Breast enlargement can be a great way for women to see a better side of life. Unattractive breasts can sometimes be a drain on a person's mental health. Breast enlargement can be a safe, effective procedure with a short recovery period. Many women are now considering this option to preserve their youth.

There are many options for breast enlargement with implants. You should consider your desired changes in profile and cleavage when choosing a breast implant.

Why do women choose to have breast enlargement?

o To give the breasts and body a more proportional, fuller appearance.

o They can help you avoid embarrassment in social settings, especially for women who have had surgery or with small breasts.

o To reshape or enlarge breasts that are reduced after pregnancy or lactation.

However, you should remember that the results may not match your expectations. The results of breast cancer treatment depend on many factors.

Three types of breast implants currently exist:

1. Silicon gel-filled implants

2. Implants with saline

3. Implants with double lumens – silicone gel-filled core and saline peripheral.