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Buy Used Cars

How To Determine Used Car Values?

Whether you're looking to buy, sell or trade a used car, it's important to understand how the value of a used car is calculated to ensure you get the best deal. While the cost of selling or exchanging a used car ultimately depends on the agreement between the buyer and seller, there are different ways to determine the estimated market value of a used car.

Professional Vehicle Appraiser: A professional appraisal service can be an excellent tool for determining the fair market value of your particular vehicle. You can visit this website to download the best used car appraisal software that will perform a thorough inspection of your car, taking into account the condition of the service book, make, model and year. A professional appraiser can also help you with an exchange or private sale.

Used Car Pricing Guides: One of the most commonly used vehicle pricing methods is consumer pricing guides. While you can purchase one of these guides at your local bookstore, the associated website offers a convenient option for most users. 

Entering the make, model, year, trim level, mileage, and overall condition of the car will give you a fairly accurate value; Keep in mind that each of these websites typically price the same car at slightly different prices.

Local dealer or repair center: Visit a local dealer or mechanic you trust for an informal used vehicle evaluation. Dealers are especially experts in their fields and understand very well the current price of used cars. 

Your dealer can give you an estimate of the fair market value of your car and offer bargaining suggestions based on the particular advantages or disadvantages of a particular vehicle.

The price at which you actually determine whether you buy or sell depends on a number of factors.