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CAD Services

CAD Services – Advanced Services In Field Of CAD

The transition from long traditional 2D designs to detailed high-level 3D models, as well as the addition of special functions for 4th and 5th dimensions, can be described as Advanced CAD Services. Previous computer-aided designs consisted of simple traditional 2D drawings, also known as electronic drawings, created by a software developer called AutoCAD. 

These traditional 2D images contain insufficient detail and conflict between the services they create along with the questions and disputes during the actual installation and construction. With the advancement of technology and an understanding of the needs of the industry, the design, preparation, and modeling of the world which is still on the path of progress have been rapidly increasing day by day with the help of Architectural CAD & Design Outsourcing Services in The UAE – BMOutsourcing.

How Does an Engineer use Computer Aided Design (CAD)? - Godfrey Hoffman Hodge

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Currently, AutoCAD is being replaced by Revit for creating high-level detailed models. There are improvements in CAD-based services in all areas such as mechanics, electricity, architecture, structures, piping, and more. 

The advanced CAD services currently offered in areas such as electricity, mechanics, structures, and architecture are as follows:

Electrical CAD Service:

  • Lighting fixture layout and models
  • Fire alarm layout
  • Schedule panel
  • Cable route distribution
  • Single line chart and control chart

Mechanical CAD service:

  • Design new products
  • Reverse engineering
  • FEA analysis and stimulation
  • Drawing or assembly parts
  • Preparation of equipment and equipment details

CAD Services – Structural and Architectural:

  • Detailed construction drawings (top view, section, and height)
  • Detailing fittings
  • Drawings for steel production
  • Construction documents
  • Architectural services include 3D architectural modeling, rendering, and animation, flying, and walking.

Therefore, the need for detail in the design has led to new innovations in CAD services.