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capsule filling machine

Working Principle of an Automatic Capsule Filler

Pharmaceutical processing is a series of operations, and capsule filling is an important part of the process. This can be done manually or with the aid of an automatic capsule filling machine. Capsules must be properly processed and filled with capsule fillers before shipping.

The capsules are installed, the capsule and the body are separated, the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is filled, the powder capsules are removed, the capsules are locked in place, ejaculated and then cleaned, and all this is done with the help of capsule fillers. You can also get information about used equipment in Utah via

These machines increase production and increase the efficiency of the production process. The full operation of the automatic capsule filling machine is detailed on this blog.

Capsular repair

Factory-made capsules usually have a tightly closed lid and body and must be adjusted before filling can begin. To fix this, the capsules are fed with several circular grooves inside the capsule dispensing plate to hold the capsules.  

Separation of capsule and capsule body

After setting, the capsule shells are transferred to the capsule filling station and the capsule and capsule bodies are separated by means of a vacuum separator. After the capsule is removed, the cover and body are transferred to their respective stations.

Medication filling

The body of the capsule is transferred to the filling station where the active ingredients are filled in the capsule. It can be done by a number of different methods.

  • Tamping filling
  • Intermittent dosator filling
  • Dosage cylinder filling
  • Vacuum filling