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Child Custody

What Is Child Custody in Legal Terms?

Child custody is a legal phrase that refers to a parent's legal relationship with his or her child, including the right and duty to care for a minor child on a daily basis, as well as decision-making about the child. You can know more about child custody laws online.

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Child custody is divided into two categories: sole custody and joint custody. In sole custody, one parent is responsible for the child most of the time and has significant decision-making authority over the child.

In joint custody, both parents will share the decision-making process, and they will spend the majority of time together with the child.

How do courts decide custody?

In some states, courts use the term parenting schedule rather than custody or visitation because it will eliminate the distinction between custodial and non-custodial parents and thus the needs of children's development schedule. 

Younger children will require less time with their parents but more frequently. Instead, older children require more time with each parent.

Mothers and fathers have an equal right to custody in practically all states. Judges are expected to make decisions in child custody cases that are both fair and unbiased.

Parents on both sides each have the same burden of showing that their custody is in the best interests of their child.