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Kids Bedroom Accessories – Choosing the Right Rug For Your Child’s Room

A big storage piece is an essential building block in any kids bedroom. No matter what your child loves, they're bound to have something that needs storing! To keep it clean and durable, go for a natural-fiber rug. It will be an easy-to-clean base for all the other decor. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right rug for your child's room. And if you're still unsure, check out these other kid-friendly bedroom accessories!

Wall decor

Decorative accents are an important part of any kids bedroom. A bookend, for example, can help a child complete their homework. A drawer organizer can help them organize their drawers. You can also buy a piggy bank, which will help your child learn about saving money. A wall-mounted clock is a nice touch, too. And don't forget to use chalkboard paint on the walls, so your child can get involved with the mural as well.

Wallpaper is a good way to dress up a bedroom. There are so many cute patterns to choose from, but keep the look simple if the space isn't large. Small prints will ground a bold pattern, while small pops of colour can help carry the theme throughout the room. And if your little one has a taste for modern decor, geometric prints will make a nice addition. Choose a wallpaper pattern that matches the colour of the room, such as red or green.

Under-bed storage

The space under a kid's bed is often filled with random items. With a little planning, parents can make this space more functional. A trundle drawer can provide much-needed storage space. Make sure to avoid over-loading the trundle drawer with heavy items. Instead, store linens, toys, and other items in the closet. Lofted beds can double as storage space and can be transformed into a reading nook or desk.

One way to create more space is to install an under-bed storage unit. This is especially useful if there are lots of toys. Kids' toys multiply on their own, and you can't find space to put them all. You can also put away off-season clothing in the under-bed storage unit. Even bedding and clothing can be stored here. Make sure to make use of this space when planning your kids' room.

Personalized nameplates

Personalized nameplates for kids bedroom accessories are a great way to add a personal touch to your child's room. Kids love to decorate their rooms with their names, so why not put a little extra effort into making them? You can also use a clay nameplate with a winter theme to make it even more fun. You can even create the nameplate yourself! If you're feeling especially crafty, you can even add googly eyes and a scarf to it.


Pegboards are an excellent way to create a space for storing children's toys, books, and other accessories. This versatile wall system can be used to display and organize all sorts of items, from stuffed animals to family photos. It can also serve as a decorative feature, such as a headboard. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a pegboard for your child's room.

A pegboard can be used as an organizer for your child's bedroom. For example, you can hang the favorite toy on the pegboard, or you can display the family's model airplane collection. You can also make the pegboard more functional, by turning it into a wall-mounted water feature. A pegboard can double as a wardrobe or room divider. And if you have a child who likes animals and trains, you can even make a pegboard with a theme that is suitable for their room.