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The Basics Of Smoking Cigars

What is right? What is wrong? How do you even hold it? These are normal questions, so we have some cigar-smoking basics to guide you.

Lighting up: The little mini guillotines you see in the movies are actually quite essential for smoking a cigar. Some of them are ornate, but you can find cheap clippers at any cigar store – or you can use a knife as an end result. You can also look for the best cigars in Florida through various websites.

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Cut off the  "head" of the cigar (the point you put in your mouth) and light the foot with a lighter or a butane lighter. 

Never ignite the end itself; rather, hold the cigar close to the fire and breathe to ignite it. Plastic lighters are sold at each gas station, but the fuel and its smell can permanently drain the taste of even the greatest cigars.

The act itself:  Unlike cigarettes, you’re not expected to breathe cigars into your lungs. Their smoke leads to health hazards and the taste doesn't switch. 

Hold the cigar between your finger and thumb and blow gently to maintain the taste. Smoking is passive pleasure. The ashes should fall into the ashtray directly- don’t even spend the energy to knock them away.

When to end: You can enjoy cigars in such a way that you want them to last as long as possible, but you should keep them at least two inches away from your head. 

The bottom of any cigar tastes bitter and can break the entire experience, so don't smoke beyond this limit. If you like the experience enough, you may always be able to smoke again soon.