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Commercial Exhaust Hood System

Benefits Of A Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood System

A commercial exhaust hood system is a must for a well-functioning kitchen. The hood system is designed as a filter system to remove grease, smoke, and other particles from the air supply in your restaurant. You can also look for the best exhaust hoods for commercial kitchens in Australia through various online sources.

Removing grease and other particles also helps keep the kitchen clean and significantly reduces the risk of slipping in the kitchen and the risk of fire. Below are a number of other benefits to commercial hood systems.

1. Air quality

As mentioned above, the most important task of the exhaust hood system is to maintain a high-quality air supply. It does this by filtering and removing air pollutants such as smoke, grease, and steam that come out during cooking.

2. Overheating

Since the hood system uses a ventilation system that sucks in old air and replaces it with fresh air, if properly coordinated during installation, it will protect the air conditioning system in summer and heat in winter from exhaustion.

3. Kitchen staff Well Being

Because the hood system removes airborne particles such as oily air, it prevents kitchen staff from handling potentially hazardous air pollutants and avoids grease and another buildup that can pose a risk, such as fire.

4. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Cooking and kitchen appliances release carbon monoxide. Without a proper exhaust hood system to extract polluted air, you put your kitchen staff at risk of inhaling carbon monoxide. Short-term inhalation of carbon monoxide can only cause breathing difficulties and irritation, but long-term inhalation of carbon monoxide can be potentially fatal.