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All About NHS v/s Private Dental Crows

You may have considered the option of having NHS or private dental crowns fixed by your dentist but have questioned if there is really any difference? Firstly private dental crowns will cost roughly £450 whereas dental crown in NHS will usually cost under £100. There are many reasons for this price difference.

NHS dental crowns have an internal metal core to give it strength and an exterior porcelain wrapping to make it look somewhat like a tooth. There is a short-range of shade available for making NHS crowns and they tend to only be made in a single shade whereas natural teeth have a whole variety of shades ranging from whites to yellows to blues and ambers.

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Due to the metal core of the crown, you can sometimes get a grey discoloration along your gum line also light cannot pass through the crown properly and so they can look a bit dull. Private crowns have a metal-free, white inner core made from zirconia with porcelain wrapped over this.

Zirconia is an extremely hard material and gives the crown strength whilst still allowing the dental crown to transmit and reflect light and so look more natural. It is possible to have cosmetic crowns made to a bespoke shade so that they will match in perfectly with your other teeth.