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Equipo de fitness

Which Of The Best Equipment Do You Need for Boxing?

The basic information about boxing equipment will help you see the vast array of options available. There are many types of equipment, each with a variety of products. The purpose of the utility can be used to classify boxing equipment.

Let’s take a look at the list of top fitness equipment (which is also called ‘ Equipo de fitness superior ’ in Spanish).

Boxing gloves:

Boxing gloves are an essential part of any boxing kit. They are what distinguish boxing from other combat sports. Although all boxing gloves look similar in the hands, the devil is in the details. The gloves can often be very different when carefully examined. 

You can categorize gloves into sparring gloves or fitness gloves. Bag and training gloves are used during training sessions. Professional gloves are used for professional fights. 

Wearing the right attire

The impact of apparel on a boxer’s ring performance is often overlooked and underrated. The right pair of shorts will give you the flexibility and freedom to move. 

Boxing apparel includes other clothing such as shirts, vests and boxing suits, tracksuits, trousers, and hoodies. These are most commonly used in boxing training sessions, depending on the weather at your place of work.

Protective gear

Protective gear is an integral part of the boxing kit. Your safety and well-being in the ring depend on your protective gear. Protective boxing gear can include wraps, inner gloves, and head guards. 

The entire range of protective gear should be used by beginners. Experts use it during training to ensure they don’t get hurt before the big fight. Professional fights often include the use of groin and mouth guards.

Training pads:

Boxing training requires the use of training pads to increase speed, precision, and accuracy. Boxing training is incomplete without Thai pads, hook & jab pads, and kicks shields. 

To improve your punches, kicks, and technique with the pads, a coach/trainer will be needed. These pads can help improve your agility and speed in the ring.