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When Can We Expect The Largest Loft Conversion In The UK?

We know that living in a small loft conversion can be difficult, especially with all the different factors you have to take into consideration. One factor is how much your wallet will allow – when can we expect the largest loft conversion in the UK?

Why people are looking to convert their loft

Currently, there are many people who want to convert their loft into a living area. The British Loft Conversions Association predicts that more than 300 new conversions will be completed in 2018 alone. There are many reasons why people are converting their lofts. They may need more space for work or family members, they may want to use their loft as an office, or they may just need more room for themselves and their family.

What's considered a loft conversion?

 Small loft conversion in the UK is the process of converting a single-story space into a multi-leveled space. They can be done for personal reasons, like adding a bedroom or extra bathroom to your home, or business purposes.

Largest Loft Conversions in the UK

Loft Conversions have been around for centuries. From medieval halls to modern-day lofts, the idea of converting a roof into a space suitable for a living has been around since the early days of humans. Loft Conversions are becoming more popular in recent years because they provide more space without the need of building an entirely new house. Loft Conversions also can be done on existing buildings by removing walls and rebuilding them so that they blend seamlessly with the original structure.


The conversion of a large loft space in the UK will come to an end. Many people have hoped that the conversion might take longer than it has, but all hope is lost.