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What To Do When Served A Restraining Order

Whenever you get a restraining order, there are some things to keep in mind to be certain that your rights and rights are protected. One of the aspects to keep an eye on is to be certain that you were properly served with the order.  

You should bear in mind that a restraining order exists and obtained the order from a police officer. Make certain you fully understand your rights regarding a restraining order hearing. The date to appear in court for your hearing is usually printed on the base of the temporary restraining order which you're served. Read this article to get an affordable restraining order attorney in Denver.

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The hearing is when a judge will decide on either to extend or terminate a restraining order against you. The affidavit in the complainant is read and the judge will then question you when you're contesting the other hand.  

This permits you to have the ability to provide testimony. But if you have pending criminal charges or have a current criminal record, it's ideal to have a criminal defense lawyer with you during the hearing.  

The criminal defense attorney will help you be able to draft an effective testimony to the hearing. The judge will then make a judgment where the restraining order will be terminated or the period or conditions will be altered. 

Whatever the ruling might wind up being, be certain you're careful about how you act and what you say while at court. The hearing is recorded and may be used against you later on.  

And regardless of what the judge makes a ruling on in respect to the controlling order, ensure that you abide by that ruling. If you violate the judgment at all, it's regarded as a criminal offense.