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India Outsources Visa Application Processing

All visitors to India other than citizens of Nepal and Bhutan must have a Visa. Your visa must be obtained before traveling to India, because there is no way to have one issued on arrival and no exceptions. This type of visa required for entry to India depends on the country of origin and the reason for your visit.

Important changes which came into force recently is that the Indian High Commission has started outsourcing India visa application process to private processing agencies. It states that this outsourcing has been implemented in an effort to streamline the process and make it more efficient. It also now allows people to pay for a visa online with a credit card. You can navigate for getting more information about visa application processing rules.

VFS Global and Travisa Authority outsourcing only applies to the documentation and selection process. Issuance of visa is solely at the discretion of the High Commission of India.

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In countries where this service has been implemented you can no longer obtain a visa directly from the High Commission or embassy (with the exception of diplomatic or official passports) you must use a designated body.

The weakness of this outsourcing for the customer is that the cost of the service has been introduced for all visa applications. For example, the fee for a tourist visa for British travelers visiting India is still £ 30, but charged a service fee of £ 8 when applied for in person or online.