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monster legends free gems

Monster legends Game review

Are you looking for a monster legends game review?

Monster legends Game review

Monster legends are a game of battle between dragons and how you train your powerful dragon and become a legend. Monster legends game becomes no#1 in the dragon battle category, where it commands more than 50 million active users.

monster legends free gems

Monster legends android game is developed by “Social Point,” which makes history by no#1 grossing game in Google Play Store in its category.

Monster legends game has taken inspiration from the film “How to Train a Dragon.”

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Monster legends Gameplay:

In monster legends, you will be given different monster eggs, which you need to hatch and make habitat for them to stay. To make them powerful, you need to feed them fruits and other game items.

Basically, there is four types of category of the monster in monster legends which is based on their elements. These four elements are called pure elements, and they are as follows

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Nature

What do these elements signify in monsters?

All monsters in Monster legends games belong to pure elements that have some advantages over other elements of monsters. Now when you go to battle, you will find that many elements have more impact on other elements monsters than the same element.

To negate the advantage of the pure element on each other, monster legends have introduced hybrid monsters. Now, these hybrid monsters possess both the quality of pure elements and can be more effective against all attacks.

Hybrid monsters are created using two different pure elements of monsters, which makes them more powerful and less vulnerable to attack.

A possible combination of Hybrid monsters

The hybrid monster in the monster legends game is the most powerful bunch of monsters that have the edge overall pure element monsters. You can mix and match pure elements of monsters to create a different type of hybrid monsters.

Some Possible combination of Hybrid Monsters

Fire + water = hybrid monster

Water + earth = hybrid monster

Earth +nature = hybrid monster

Nature + fire = hybrid monster

Fire + Earth = hybrid monster


You need to train only 03 powerful monster form your monster army and try to pick monsters based on their attributes. Every monster in monster legends possess attributes on which you can judge their strength or power.

  • Power
  • Life
  • Speed
  • Stamina

To upgrade or train your monster to a higher level, you need to feed them and make them more powerful. To do that, you need to build farms in your monster legends city. These farms are based on the different habitat on which the monster belongs.

Habitat of monsters will ensure which food will be required for them to upgrade or train. Start building farms as your monster will need food to survive any battle.

Take part in competitions and events which will be announced every season. You can win exciting gifts and monsters in these events and make good progress in the leaderboard.

Final thought

Monster Legends game is a game of breading monster and train them to battle-ready state. You can enjoy these android games with your kids and small children as characters are cute.