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Direct Mail Marketing For Small Businesses

Direct mail marketing is one of the most misunderstood marketing technique available to small businesses. It's common knowledge to try direct mail to find more customers, but most are trying to find they get terrible results.  

Direct marketing has been used since the beginning of the letter itself. There is a reason for that too. Success! It worked then and it definitely works now. So, why do not you see the results that I was talking about? Because you do not apply the principles of smart marketing for your direct mail campaigns.

Let's dissect what should happen in a direct mail marketing campaign to see success. There are three steps that every piece of mail you send them must go through. Conquering these three steps and you have a positive result. They are:

The prospect of having to open the mail.

The prospect of having to read the letter.

Prospects must act on the letter.

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Step 1 – Getting them to open the mail

Sending a normal envelope or your typical sale will go down in the trash even before they see who it is from. Catch their eye by adding something unique for your envelope or get creative with graphics or color.

Step 2 – Get them to read the letter

If they do not know the actual sender of the mail piece, then they really need something to attract their attention for them to spend their time to read what is in it. In today's world, people feel they do not have time to spend 45 seconds on your email unless it is very intriguing. Do this by testing the headline of your direct marketing mail campaigns.