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Cartoline Storiche

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o level chemistry tuition singapore

Study Tips For Chemistry By O Level Chemistry Tuitions In Singapore

So you spent a lot of time studying and still struggling with exams. What now? First and foremost, know that you are not alone – some of the best students have had chemistry problems at some point, so move on! Here are some O level chemistry tuition in Singapore learning objectives to prepare for the o level chemistry exam.

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Research the problem in practice.

Resolving many practical problems yourself doesn't always make you a better solver. You will never see a test question that looks exactly like a practical question. Therefore, solving every possible problem is not a good strategy. Instead, in solving the practical problems we give you, make sure you can explain why and when you will take each step in your solution.

Difficulty reading and warming up before college.

Introducing material at your own pace before college can be more productive in using your lecture time to deepen and practise these concepts. The more often you listen to and practice the material (eg assignments, lectures, sections, study time …), the easier it will be.

Ask lots of questions!

Scientists ask questions – all the time! Especially WHY! Teachers always judge when students ask questions because it shows that they are listening and really thinking about the material.

Ask "What does that actually mean?" In each section, read the chapter.

Ask "why" about a problem as you decide what it wants and how to solve it.