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Advantages of Open and Closed Cell Foam Insulation

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Open and closed cell foam insulation are quite popular choices amongst many home owners. They are different to one another based on the R-value. With different R-values, both have their own set of advantages when used. This can however, turn out to be a little confusing and it all depends on by learning the advantages about both of them.

  1. First, the Advantages of Closed Cell Foam Insulation – This form of insulation works wonders that involves spaces harder to reach on a standard wall. The R-value of closed cell foam insulation is on the higher side making it perfect to be used in commercial structures. Due to the high R-value, closed cell foam insulation acts as a shield against the entry of vapor. The shield characteristic of closed cell foam insulation makes it harder for the moisture on entering the structure.
  2. Second, the Advantages of Open Cell Foam Insulation – This form of insulation works great that involves spaces such as nooks and crannies of a house to reach. This type of insulation is unique compared to closed foam insulation which is the ability to expand. This ability makes it best to be used on structures that requires soundproofing. Another advantage this insulation has over the other is it is cheaper. However, don’t fall prey on the fact that this would be better for your house. As mentioned earlier, choosing between these 2 insulations is that it depends on the region you live.

Choosing between open and closed foam insulation needs to be considered carefully.