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P2P Lending

Top Tips for Crowdfunding Your Way to Success

Although many ventures have seen their investments grow in crowdfunding platforms and initiatives, it was not an easy journey. It takes perseverance, skill, and hard work to use crowdfunding to see a project through.

It is clear that there are steps you can take to increase your chances of success with capital crowdfunding. This is evident from the experience of many entrepreneurs who have succeeded in this field. This list contains some suggestions to help you get started with crowdfunding.

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1. Be true to your idea and do your research

You must be committed to the vision you have for your project if you have an idea. You should not give up on your plans. The lack of conviction will almost always show in the finished product.

It is also a smart idea to research how other people in your niche, or related ones, have successfully funded their projects. Start by looking at the success stories of your chosen platform.

2. Get Social

While you might end up irritating some friends by your constant shout-outs and shares about your project, you will find many people willing to help you. Social promotions are a great way to promote your brand. 

You can also use pictures, posts, or videos in your social media campaign. You could also share images of your products and designs on Facebook if you are pursuing a creative project. Just make sure that the image links back to your crowdfunding pitch.

3. Be transparent

It is important to understand that crowdfunding is a way for investors and backers to provide funds for another venture. This makes it natural for them to be curious about all projects they are considering funding.

Simple And Honest Review Of Robocash

Robocash is a P2P investment platform with 12 percent interest. It's available for investors in the EU and Switzerland, but brokering loans from largely Asia right Now. According to a report, Robocash has been considered as a platform ideal for new crowdfunding investors.

Robocash Group is originated from Russia in 2013. In 2019, Robocash transferred its headquarters into Croatia, but the Robocash Group works on a huge marketplace: The EU, Russia, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Philippines, and India.

business model

The Robocash Group is fairly large, 1482 employees disperse across half the world. Robocash has a focus on Europe. Yeah, it becomes confusing, but it is better to know that although Robocash is small, it is a part of a well-established, bigger collection.

Robocash made a reduction in 2017 and I'd be amazed if They pushed to adulthood in 2018, but the parent, Robocash Group, is stunningly profitable.

How Robocash functions

It is quite easy:

  • You make an account on Robocash, and confirm it along with your ID
  • Transfer money for your Robocash accounts
  • Establish your investment portfolio

That is it. Robocash will continue to keep your main aim on the job. Robocash functions with multiple loan providers, from multiple nations.

Robocash operates with loan originators from Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, India, and Spain, after which it connects investors in their stage to refinance those loans. Investors purchase a claim to the benefits of these loans.

Real Estate Crowdfunding For Any Project

Crowdfunding has made the life of the startups' investors a little easier as they can get a sufficient amount of money from varying sources to invest in the companies. Usually, startups get their investment very easily.

Equity crowdfunding is the latest trend of how investors invest their money in startups and they get partial ownership in the company in exchange for their hard-earned money. If you want to learn the basics of investing money in crowdfunding, you may refer to this source: ‘Crowdlending Guide: What is it and how to invest?

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The real estate sector is booming with gains in every corner of the world for the development of infrastructure. There is new crowdfunding especially created for the field of real estate and it is proving itself a win-win situation for investors and companies as well.

In this, the investors obtain partial ownership and the company gets the money to keep the project on track. There are several tools that optimize the website and display all the benefits why should investors invest in this startup or a company and how it will make a lot of money in the future.

These broker crowdfunding software allow startups to create a crowdfunding platform on their website where they can attract investors and customers to invest and buy property in the project life. You can take the help of these tools.