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Polyester Mesh

A Shoppers Guide To Buying Tarpaulin

They can be used to protect the items from rain, snow, high winds, and other extreme weather. They can also be used to hold items in place during transport (such as items tied to the back of the car or truck) or to provide to the underlying surface, holding or wrapping items such as loose sand or gravel. Indeed sheeting can be used a wide variety of residential, industrial, home improvement, DIY, and the use of transportation, pretty much along these lines that one can dream up.


You want a strong tarp for almost every use of the sheeting will see. The strongest material is canvas and similar fabrics. However, most current cheap tarps are made of polypropylene mesh. This material can be quite strong as well. However, there are multiple ranges of how thick, strong and well made these tarps are.

Tarpaulins Size:

Tarps come in all different sizes. Do you need one that can cover 10 square feet or 50 square feet? Although this may seem obvious, this is an important consideration that is often overlooked. Sometimes people just take the tarp off the shelf with only a vague idea of how big it is and then get home to discover that it was not the right size for the use they have in mind.

Sheeting Material:

As mentioned above, the tarp can be made from a variety of different materials. Some of the most common are polypropylene, canvas, and vinyl or PVC laminated nets. Each has different uses and advantages. Polypropylene sheeting material has the advantage of being the most expensive and most widely available. They are also quite strong and durable. Mesh tarps can also be called a shade cloth and lightweight fabric that is useful for sun protection.