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Winter Pool Covers for Inground Pools

The purpose of closing your in-ground swimming pool is to protect it from negative conditions such as cold temperatures, natural debris, and evaporation. The closing method allows you to keep your pool clean for the next swimming season. Proper cooling of the water and installing a pool winter cover can save owners like you the hassle of opening a pool.

Step 1: Remove pool accessories such as ladders, rails, pool heaters, and diving boards. Clean them and put them inside a dry storage room.

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Safety Swimming Pool Covers – RETINTEX – Favaretti – Winter / Grommated

Step 2: Clean all debris found in your water using a pool net skimmer. Scrub the walls and deck of your pool with a brush. Make sure you brush them lightly. The final step in cleaning your pool is to empty the pool area. After cleaning, throw away any debris that has been collected inside the skimmer basket.

Step 3: Cool down your swimming pool with chemicals. When buying chemicals, make sure you're buying the right winterizing chemicals for your pool. Follow the instructions in the manual and be sure to apply them at the required concentration level. Run your pool water pump for a day. This process helps the water and chemicals to circulate well.

Step 4: Lower the water until it reaches the bottom of the skimmer. Also, clean your swimming pool filter. Simply follow the manufacturer's directions when cleaning the filter. Each system has different cleaning methods. Change filter if necessary. Some filters only last for 6 months.