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How to Keep a Healthy Public Relations Relationship

Public relations is the practice of creating, managing and developing relationships with the public or some segment of it in order to promote or improve the image of an organization. In a healthy public relations relationship, both the organization and the public have an interest in maintaining the relationship.

There are several goals that public relations professionals may strive to achieve in their relationships with the public. 

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The first goal is to inform the public about what the organization does and why it is important. This can be done through media appearances, press releases, web content, social media posts, or other means.

The second goal is to create a positive association between the organization and the public. This can be done by generating positive media coverage, developing positive relationships with key journalists or other influencers, or sponsoring positive events.

The third goal is to resolve potential conflicts or issues that may arise. This can be done by communicating effectively with the media, working with opposing groups to find common ground, or issuing a formal apology if necessary.

Public relations professionals should always keep in mind the four P’s of public relations– Principle, Product, People (including clients), and Performance– as they work to maintain a healthy public relations relationship.