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Apple Does Not Recommend The Schwinn IC4 Spin Bike For Fitness Plus

Even though Apple recommends a high end Schwinn spin bike to use with Fitness Plus, there are other less expensive indoor bikes that also offers a great riding experience. The Schwinn IC4 failed to receive and attention or recommendations on the official Apple Fitness Plus website, however many men and women have been riding the mid range IC4 for years. According to TailHappyTV the Schwinn IC4 is one of the most popular and highly rated indoor cycling bikes you can buy for under one thousand dollars. His official Schwinn IC4 review fully explains all of the pros and cons to buying this particular indoor cycling bike, so you'll know what you're signing up for long before the bike arrives at your front door from the Amazon delivery man.

TailHappyTV also has an instructional video about how to assemble the Schwinn IC4 along with the detailed reviews and comparison videos on his channel. If you just signed up for Apple Fitness Plus and you want to join in on the cycling portion of the app the Schwinn IC4 may be a good Peloton alternative bike for you to try. It's a lot less expensive than the higher end Schwinn IC Classic and the Schwinn AC Power, both of which are great bikes. Another thing Matt mentions in his Schwinn IC4 review is the large community of riders who use this bike. One big benefit of the Schwinn IC4 community is if something goes wrong there will almost certainly be plenty of documented information about how to fix the problem on your spin bike.