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What Is The Pellet Smoker And How Does It Work?

A pellet smoker is a type of smoker typically found in a backyard where the user can use a variety of wood, charcoal, or other materials to grill meat and fish. 

The design is quite different from traditional smokers because it uses compressed pellets rather than large chunks of wood or charcoal. They are intended to replace larger smokers that take up more space and are difficult to set up. 

Pellets are made from various types of wood, but the main types used in pellet smokers are hardwood and softwood. The smoke produced by a pellet smoker is usually white, yellow, or red and comes from the burning of the pellets. If you want to buy pellet grills & smokers in Australia you may browse the web.

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How Does a Pellet Smoker Work?

A pellet smoker is a great way to cook food without having to fire up the grill. Pellet smokers use pellets to cook food and because they are set on low heat, they don’t generate a lot of smoke. This means you can cook dinner quickly and with less of the awful smoke smell that comes from a traditional grill.

Different Types of Pellets

There are three main types of pellets used in pellet smokers: hardwood, mesquite, and hickory. Hardwood pellets are the most popular type because they have a good flavor and burn well. Mesquite pellets are a bit more expensive but are also very good quality and burn hotter than hardwood pellets. 

Hickory pellets are the least popular type because they don’t have a good flavor or burn well. However, they’re also the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option because they’re made from ground-up tree bark.