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Spa Birthday party

How to Host a Spa Party for Your Friend’s Birthday?

It's a friend's birthday and it's been too long since you pampered yourself or spent time with your friends then it is the perfect time for a girls’ night or a relaxing afternoon with a spa treatment!

You can reserve a local spa for this occasion or you can do it at your own place by hiring organizers for spa birthday parties in Ajax.

spa party

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Plan a Few Hours of Relaxation for Yourself and Your Friends:

  • Set the stage with soft music and scented candles.
  • Prepare fizzy drinks.
  • Enjoy the sound of peaceful meditation while you soak your feet.
  • Give the opportunity to reflect or to share.
  • Serve cakes or whatever you want to add to the overall "pampering" atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the company!

The party can begin with a fun spa-themed quiz. You can create your own questions.

Birthday Cake 

Before serving the cake, you may want to take a few minutes to celebrate your friend by letting her know how much you value her friendship, and if the other person is her friend too, you can invite them to do the same.

Then you can all enjoy the cakes and other refreshing drinks you may have provided.

The Foot Soak

Lavender, Chamomile, and Vanilla are some essential oils for your foot soaking experience that will soothe, calm, and relax you and your friends as you unwind from the worries and immerse yourself in the serenity.

Top 3 Fantastic Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Are you planning to throw an event for your young girl but aren't a sure clue where to begin? Do you want to plan the perfect theme party but are not sure of the theme? 

Children wait all year to celebrate their birthdays, which can put an immense amount of stress on parents who don't believe they have the imagination to make it happen.

Ballerina Party: If your child is a lover of all things pretty then she'll be thrilled with the idea of a ballerina's party. Make sure to think pink! Set up a table for food with pink and white and then decorate it with tissue paper pom-poms and frills. 

The older girl may like something a little more sophisticated, such as an outdoor luau at a pool or a pampering Glama Gal kids spa party. These are both easy to create with a little thought. The luau could be exciting with a great selection of music and fun games. Encourage all to come dressed appropriately for the full effect.

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For the spa party, you can give all the girls a manicure, and give each a little gift bag complete with nail polishes, face masks, and sweet-smelling lotions. Serve up healthy foods such as fruit salad, and end the evening in a hot tub, if one is readily available.

Princess: Girls are prone to playing princesses, so why don't you create a theme for your party that is dedicated to princesses. Each girl could receive the tiara they want to wear, and there are a lot of beautiful princess-themed party supplies available. A princess-themed party is ideal for girls who are awestruck by beautiful things!

Fairy: Is your girl like the fairies that are in the garden? This can be turned into a gorgeous theme for your party. Imagine fairytales and gardens and combine both. Create a table centerpiece with gorgeous flowers and a variety of fairies scattered about. Be sure to be able to have the fairy's wand to all girls so that they feel like a fairy.