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supermarket refrigeration case cleaning

Keep Commercial Refrigeration Units Clean

The commercial refrigeration/freezer unit is the important thing of any retail business of food.Take the first step to keeping your unit healthy by keeping all the mechanical parts clean. 

Some parts of the unit must be cleaned regularly: the external part of the unit, including outer surfaces, doors, and seal gaskets, internal parts including. You can get more information about supermarket refrigeration case cleaning via

supermarket refrigeration case cleaning

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The external part of the commercial refrigeration system should be cleaned with soap and water every week or more often after visual observation of dirt build-up. Do not use strong chemical cleaners, which can damage the surface material and finish and leave an unpleasant smell strong for customers.

Some point mentioned below is a breakdown of the basic cleaning of the different parts found in the internal part of the cooling unit.

Condenser coils: This is the most important part found in the refrigerator system. This section should be cleaned at least once a month to keep it free of dust, dirt, and fibers. Make sure that the unit is unplugged before starting an internal cleansing process in certain parts of the.

Fan blades and motors: This section should also be cleaned once a month. Dry cleaning is done with a soft cloth to better run the motor and propeller.

Only use a mild detergent and water, chemical cleaning has never been stronger. Make sure that the unit is unplugged before starting an internal cleansing process on these specific parts.