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Tel Aviv City

Tel Aviv – Architecture And Environmental Side Of The City

Tel Aviv (also called simply: TLV), a century-old town that began as a settlement of 66 families rose to 'the city that never Sleeps' alongside New York. This bustling city, home to more than 400, 000 residents boasts an exciting blend of two architectural influences: from romantic design Neo-classical Old Europe at the end of 1910 to the modern world-class Azrieli Center today. You can get to know about private Israel tour.  

Some old buildings are preserved to be a historical landmark today as 'Pagoda' house on the corner of the streets Melchett, Nachmani and Montifori, the "Twin House" on the corner of Strauss and Mazeh and "Levine" home on Rothschild Boulevard.

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The Azrieli Center, on the other hand, is Tel Aviv tallest sky-scraper.

Three buildings make this a modern architecture, with 49 floor circular tower was completed in 1999; a triangle with 46 floors was completed in the same year, and the latest addition, the square tower 8 years later.

The Azrieli Center houses the largest shopping center of Tel Aviv and one of the largest telecommunications companies in Israel.

Over the years the city has been known to plan for the joint environmental campaigns a global perspective to preserve the earth's ecosystem. In the early 2000s, TLV amended several derelict sites in environmentally friendly projects.

The best thing about this project is the fact that most of the city is really participate in this event and the whole city was practically in the dark.