The Need For Time Attendance Software In Corporations

The need for automated timelines has become imperative in all businesses and other sectors. The automated software significantly reduces the manual work of HR employees by manually marking the attendance of all employees. The exact time is recorded in this application, employees report to their workplace and return (time of arrival and departure). As it is fully automatic it works all month. During payroll, the HR department can easily remove reports from software to calculate attendance.

Attendance software was developed to record employee attendance data in the system database. This can be both desktop and web, depending on the capacity and preferences of each company. This is very important for any company, regardless of the number of employees, because it not only calculates attendance, but also effectively calculates vacation balances, salaries, creates monthly license plates, and significantly reduces the paper footprint of all employees. Get redirected here so as to get this productive and efficient attendance management tool for you.

Be In Control Of Employee Attendance With Eilisys Employee Attendance Software EiLiSYS

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The software works through the company's intranet system, which means that applications can be easily implemented in the system database. Since it is automated software, its accuracy is guaranteed to be 100%.

Basic functions:

  • Record the exact working hours and absences of each employee
  • Recorded data is stored securely in the system database
  • Supplied with facial recognition software for face verification and employee identification numbers
  • Voice signals for unusual cases or threats
  • Recorded data can be exported to ERP, payroll, and other operating systems
  • Graphical user interface
  • Right to change only by the manager.