What are Mobile Cranes Used For?

A mobile crane is one of the most useful types of equipment for heavy construction or industrial projects. Mobile cranes are used for a variety of lifting operations in all industries.

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Mobile cranes can be used for anything that involves lifting, moving or placing large, heavy materials. Some areas that usually require mobile crane rentals include:

Building, sliding and covering structure

Regardless of whether a mobile crane is used to transport equipment and materials or to lift building materials to installation heights, rental cranes are indispensable for the construction industry.

Renting a mobile crane allows tilt construction work to be done quickly and efficiently, and any roofing job can expect a significant increase in efficiency.

Power transfer

Safety and proper material management are essential for power transmission. With the right mobile crane rental company, mobile cranes can be used to perform power supply tasks safely and efficiently.

Whether you need an off-road moving crane to lift heavy components or a smaller crane with a human basket to perform elevation repairs, a mobile crane has value in the industry.


HVAC units can be very heavy and difficult to move, but mobile cranes can be used for efficient installation and transportation. Some HVAC projects require extensive planning and lifting. Therefore, it is important to speak with experienced lifters before hiring a crane.