What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

In this article you will find the answer to these questions and many more. One of the most popular uses for exposed aggregate concrete is in walkways. There are numerous benefits to using this type of concrete design, including:

Provides a more natural look than a slab or stamped concrete floors

More durable – will last longer than other flooring materials, even in high traffic areas and areas that are walked on frequently such as a driveway.

exposed aggregate concrete is a type of concrete that is exposed on the surface of the slab or foundation. It is made up of small, rough pieces of aggregate that are visible from the surface. Exposed aggregate concrete is less expensive and easier to work with than other types of concrete, but it is less durable and may require regular maintenance.

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When concrete is exposed to the elements, these aggregates become exposed aggregate concrete. This is a type of concrete that is less durable and more prone to deteriorate.

There are a few reasons why exposed aggregate concrete can be a problem:

-The aggregates are more likely to become damaged by UV light and weathering. This can cause the concrete to crack and crumble, leading to potential structural failure.

-The aggregates can also act as a source of contamination for the concrete. This means that if there is any sort of problem with the underlying soil, the aggregates may be able to spread it throughout the concrete structure.

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