A New Concept of Learning by Online Classes

Many people believe that online courses should mirror traditional teaching. You come at a certain time on a certain day, take courses sequentially, and take a test on a certain date to see if you pass. While some online classes still follow these outdated rules, there are other, more progressive schools that are breaking the rules and setting new standards.

With advances in technology and the need for global classrooms, changing standards is of great benefit to any aspiring student. This standard covers flexibility, real-world experience, and practical application.

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Online classes need to be flexible – attendance at certain times on certain days may no longer be required. Students in online classes regularly have classmates living in all different time zones and countries. 

Coordinating special schedules between people in this type of class would be an administrative nightmare. Lessons should be designed so that participation can be flexible for each student.

Again, since many online courses require real-world experience from their students, there is no point in following the curriculum either. Students contribute their own knowledge, which makes some subjects redundant. 

Students should be able to concentrate on subjects in which they have not had much experience to acquire the necessary knowledge. Therefore, online teaching must be applicable for the purpose of each student’s knowledge.

A passing grade on a traditional test usually means the answer is memorized. This does not mean that students have mastered any method of applying the material learned. Employers today expect more and more from their trained teachers. 

Online teaching must be able to recognize and appreciate the application of learning materials in the real world in order to better serve students.