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American Museum of Natural History

The museum was built in 1869 and is located on the west side of town on 79th Street at Central Park West. It is known for its great historical collections. The museum was originally located in an old warehouse building in Central Park before being moved to the present location because the facility was expanded in 1874.

Scientists from around the world visit this museum to conduct research. Some of the important names who visited this museum include Roy Chapman Andrews, Margaret Mead, and Franz Boas. Adults and children alike enjoy their visit to this museum because they have too much to explore here.

The Fossil Halls

The Fossil Halls containing more than one million vertebrate fossils. Two dinosaur hall is also located in the fossil room. Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus are two large screens at Fossil Halls. A ten-story building is located in the Frick children in the yard and the main storage facility for fossils. Fossils stored in the basement of this building while the laboratory and office staff are located on three floors above.

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Rose Center for Earth and Space

Rose center was recently added to the museum. It is 120 feet with an area of ​​333 500 square feet. roses have Hayden planetarium center, which was founded in 1935 by Charles Hayden, exhibit space and universe items. A large number of galaxies and stars the items displayed in the Hall of the Universe. The most significant feature of the Rose Center is Heilburn Cosmic Pathway, which opened on February 19, 2000.

The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

This corridor contains a number of marine fossils, such as squid, and dolphins. The hall fossil was that of a 94 foot blue whale.

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The alls Culture

Many great works of Frank Bois and Margaret Mead put in display in Halls Culture. Various views were put into Halls that provide insight into the different cultures around the world such as South America, South Pacific, Africa, and Asia.

Birds and Mammals Halls

A large number of animals and birds in a three-dimensional life as a scene shown in this Bird and Mammals Halls.

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Imax Theater

This theater offers a movie presentation for the tourists. All kinds of natural geographical films included in the collection. The latest movie in the IMAX Theater is adding the Galapagos, which is an event discovery about animals that live on the Galapagos Island.

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The museum remains open throughout the week, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Museum for travelers’ time is 10: 00-05: 45 hours of the museum expanded to 8:00 the first Friday of every month.

Museum has a shop where you can buy souvenirs or other goods from various kinds of items. The museum is equally a great place to visit for young and old visitors.