Dry Eye Treatment – Let Your Eyes Shed Joyful Tears

Dry eyes, as the name suggests, is an uncomfortable state of the eye where the eye is restricted to tears. There is a special coating that is owned by the human eye, which is known as the tear film, which is responsible for generating tears. In dry eye syndrome, the film is turned off to remove the desired amount of tears. 

Dry eye symptoms include itching and burning sensation, pain in the eyes, vision is not true, secretion of tears while watching TV, stringing eye muscles, and discomfort with contact lenses. There are various eye specialists that provide dry eye treatment. You can find more information about dry eyelids treatment in Toronto via https://www.drdorioeyecare.com/dryeyes/ or any other online sources.

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The most common dry eye treatment options include:

– Drink lots of water

– Avoid sitting directly in front of the fan and air conditioner

– Avoid places having extreme weather conditions

– Blink your eyes more often

Products that may aid in the treatment of dry eye include:

– Punctal plug – consists of collagen or silicone and block the drainage system in the eye.

– Vitamin A drug – As we know, vitamin A is necessary for the eyes, so most eye doctors recommend vitamin A as BioTears drugs for the treatment of the dry eye.

– Artificial Tears Generator – There are a number of products available in the market that helps the eye to produce artificial tears. 

Other products include flaxseed oil, gels, and antibiotics. Along with prescription medication, one must focus on healthy eating by consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals. You can consult your eye doctor to get advice on the food to be consumed as part of the treatment of the dry eye.