ECU Flashing Helps Enforce Better Control On The Engine

The Power Train Control Module (also known as the Engine Control Unit) is primarily designed to control the amount of fuel and ignition timings for an internal combustion engine to maintain a working model. You can get the ECU tuning service via

It reads values from multidimensional performance maps (also known as LUDs). These input values are calculated from signals received by sensor devices that monitor the engine.

ECU Flashing is a new technology in automobiles. Before this, attributes like the air/fuel mixture and ignition timing, idle speed, and so on were controlled via mechanical sensors. These attributes were controlled by actuators and sensors, both mechanical and pneumatic.

ECU Flashing can now be programmed. This allows for improved engine performance. This technology allows for significant modifications to the engine. You can modify or add the turbocharger.

The same applies to the intercooler as well as the exhaust system. ECU Flashing is programmable and can be modified as needed. Remaps are also possible using a USB or serial cable.

Water Temperature Correction: This allows you to add fuel when your engine is close to being choked.

Reiterating, all parameters are subject to a map.

You can also use advanced functions such as:

All of them can be remapped and your vehicle's performance will improve immediately. Now you have a powerful engine that is ready to go on all cylinders. You gain more control and your poise improves. The engine is ready to unleash a monster on roads that could potentially cause damage to any vehicle in its path.