How To Get Good Quality Drinking Water In Auckland?

Water is vital for human survival. It serves the following functions to the human body namely making up water lost via breathing, perspiration, digestion, and urination, regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients to body cells, removing waste from the body, and protecting organs, tissues and joints. We need to re-hydrate by drinking water and other beverages. You can also look for bulk water delivery in Auckland.

The main sources of drinking water are rivers, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater, and the sea. The water from these sources at times could not be consumed right away. It needs to go through water treatment processes before we could consume it. The reason is that it could be contaminated with pollutants like suspended solids, algae, bacteria, and viruses.

Water goes through different processes like screening, rapid mixing, sedimentation, flotation, filtration, micro-screening, disinfection, de-chlorination, etc. in the treatment plant. After these processes, suspended solids, micro-organisms, and bacteria are eliminated according to the required specification. The end result is water that is safe for drinking purposes.

Before we are able to drink water from the treatment plant, it has to be delivered to our houses and offices. During the delivery through the pipeline from the treatment plant or its storage area, the drinking water may be contaminated again with mud and suspended solids due to pipe leakage and repair works, heavy metals from pipe corrosion as well as bacteria and viruses originated from a dirty storage tank.

Hence, when the water comes out from the tap, it may be still contaminated with suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals like lead and iron which could affect adversely our body.