Strategies To Stop Thumb Sucking And Nail Biting

There are certain ways to stop thumb sucking and nail-biting habit forever. This includes general treatments like HRT (reverse training) and less common treatments like hypnosis. However, note that with all of these treatments, you must adhere to all of these. In most cases, stopping thumb sucking is a long process. To know the whole process and ideas on how to stop thumb sucking visit

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However, there are a few tips that can help you break the habit of thumb sucking. These tips are easy to follow and follow:

Use some nasty cream on your thumbs and nails. Of all the ways to stop nail-biting, this is the easiest. Well, I'm not saying you have to throw trash or anything at your finger. On the outside, there are products like Maval stop that you apply to nails. When you put your finger in your mouth, you will feel a bad taste. You should also try Mavala Stop, it's very efficient.

Keep your nails and thumb painted. These tips are very useful for women. With your nails varnished every time you put your fingers in your mouth you will notice and this will help you stop the action immediately.

Focus on your goals. Now is not as easy as it seems, but the way you do it you will also learn to control yourself in any situation. Stick to your care. Follow it religiously and you will be on your way to healthy nails and fingers without knowing it!